Global Pharma Networks provides SME consultants to it’s clients to leverage business improvement. It does this in three ways:

  1. Firstly all our SMEs are Subject Matter Experts in their chosen field. They will work in partnership with a clients team to resolve issues, meet challenges and improve business performance

  2. Secondly GPN through our SMEs provides our clients with best practice tools and techniques that allow the client team to continue the business improvement process and which prevents the ‘knowledge drain’ out of the organisation after our SMEs assignment is completed

  3. Thirdly, where practical and appropriate, GPN provides niche process oriented applications that automate and embed the tools and techniques into the client organisation further reducing the ‘knowledge drain’

Service Offerings

Site Selection

Facility and Project Design Review

Strategy Development

Quality Systems Development

Operational Improvement

Technology Transfer

Learning, Education & Team Development

System Application









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