Technology Transfer

GPN can design the technology transfer management framework. Technology transfer management is a key discipline to the successful start up and ongoing operation of a facility. It provides the basis for the quality of the product, the robustness of processes, the stability of supply and facilitates the education of the workforce. With our expertise we can plan and implement a multi-disciplined process to new product and process introductions that ensures a robust start up and ensure that the training and education plans of the personnel on site are aligned with all of the technical requirements. This critical area requires high calibre resources that are competent on the products and processes that are being transferred. In addition to understanding the processes GPN SMEs are skilled in both problem solving and project management methodologies and as such can provide a more effective and streamlined approach to the transfer.


Product Development and Problem Solving

Problems do occur in plants. We can investigate and help resolve product and process problems particularly for those nagging problems that do pop up from time to time. Particular areas of expertise are powder handling, tablet technology, process improvement and quality related issues. It is very useful to resolve issues before technology transfer to a new plant to prevent escalation of the issues. The methodologies used will depend on the problem found and may incorporate some of those mentioned already of Brainstorming, Force Field analysis, Pareto analysis, SMED, Kepner Trego, Isikawa and Cause and Effect, Story boards, etc. Statistical analysis of data is important in this process also.










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