Learning, Education & Team Development

GPNís strategy is for a 3-pronged approach to the challenges of an organisation. This approach can be summarised as

  •  USE our knowledge to resolve your issues and meet your challenges,

  • TEACH the organisation the tools and techniques needed to continue this work on their own

  • AUTOMATE/EMBED and integrate the tools and techniques into the site systems so that the knowledge drain is minimised.

Implicit in this strategy is the recognition that it is essential for an organisation to learn and develop in order to achieve world-class operations. In keeping with this GPN SMEs keep teamwork and development at the forefront of all assignments. We do this in two ways. Firstly, our SMEs work with the organisation teams to impart the practical expertise to the team and secondly we provide a range of classroom courses through our training SMEs to teach the organisation the tools and skills that may be required to achieve their goals. This combination of theory and mentoring provides real support and aids the development of a team-based culture. It also facilitates passing on the knowledge from our consultants to the clientís staff and is of significant long-term value.


Organisational Design


An integral part of the development of a new site, the introduction of a new product or process or the re-engineering of an existing business is the development of the organisation itself. GPN has worked directly in the industry and we have direct experience of the various cultures and styles that have been developed over the years. Based on this experience we can advise on the most appropriate organisational structures in terms of headcount, reporting relationships, management systems, employee involvement and collaboration. In addition to this GPN has many links and associations within the 3rd level college community. Once the organisation has been defined GPN can use itís experience and network of associated companies to identify the most suitable methods of sourcing appropriate candidates for positions


Case Study

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