New Pharmaceutical Start-up

Over the past 20 plus years GPN SMEs have been involved in numerous new facility start-ups and expansions. In particular, we have been involved in the areas of planning and management of projects, validation and qualification of both the facilities and the processes, compliance and regulatory readiness and the operational start-up of the facilities.  



Site Selection    
GPN has a defined and proven methodology for site selection. This is based on the experience we have gained over the years and our knowledge of the local environment. Our experience in this field also means that we are in an ideal position to interface and coordinate with all the governmental and regulatory bodies involved in this process. We have been involved in this for a number of confidential clients.  



Integrated Project Timelines  


Integrated Project Timelines are a critical success factor for both new facilities and expansions. The focus is to provide a clear plan for facilities and operations start-up right through to product launch. All the other project plans (design, construction, validation, process scale-up, process validation, exhibit batches, regulatory, etc) are integrated into one cohesive whole. Risks, problems and conflicts are identified and solutions are proposed. GPN SMEs have over 20 years experience in the development of integrated timelines and what the issues that need to be resolved. This experience has been gained in both new sites, and on expansions, and on new product and process introductions to existing sites, in a number of countries. GPN’s experience can add value to the project planning and management process by looking for and delivering savings.  



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