About Us

GPN provides Senior Subject Matter Expert (SME) services to the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare  Industries in Ireland, Europe and the USA and have worked with many of the leading Pharmaceutical Companies. GPN provides these SMEs in the areas of Start Up, Quality, Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chains and Continuous Improvement.

All our SMEs have held senior positions within the industry and so we bring our direct experiences to meet their needs.

At Global Pharma Networks we are dedicated to establishing and maintaining an ongoing partnership with our clients.

We achieve this by providing our clients with highly experienced SMEs to ensure that they have the best skills and minds to meet today’s challenges.

The advantages of our client partnerships:

  • Global Pharma Networks stays abreast of Industry Standards, Technology and Continuous Improvement techniques.
  • Clients benefit from our knowledge and our experience.
  • Global Pharma Networks benefits by being in-tune with our clients needs.

We make this partnership work:

  • By providing a high skills pool of responsible SMEs to our clients that will seek to add value to their organisation.
  • By continually developing tools and techniques that our clients can share and find useful.
  • And where appropriate, by developing niche process oriented software applications that automate these tools and techniques.


3 pronged approach to business improvement


our knowledge to resolve the issues or develop new processes and ideas


the client teamís how to do this for themselves knowledge drain


the process where possible -> long term prevention of knowledge drain

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