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GPN has a wide amount of skills and expertise in the design, configuration and implementation of all key business systems ranging from,  ERP, LIMS, KPI reporting, Document Management Systems, Knowledge Management Systems, Bar Code Data Collection Systems and MES systems. A key challenge in implementing systems is in selecting systems that add value to the processes on site as opposed to implementing software functionality. GPN take a process orientated approach starting with the identification of actual business processes on site, review of functionality and then agree on optimised processes which are leveraged off the functionality available.


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GPN automation SMEs have in excess of 12 years experience in the design, development and implementation of process automation systems in the Pharma Industry. Our SMEs ensure that the strategic issues with automation are addressed as part of all assignments. Such issues include standardisation of systems and infrastructure, common methodology of design and qualification between all vendors. In addition all our SMEs are fully versant in the requirements of GAMP4 and  21CFR Part 11 and EU Part 11 and are capable of undertaking compliance reviews on behalf of clients.



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